- All natural way to promote muscle recovery
- 6 different muscle recovery and relaxation programs
- Soothes tired, expended muscles in 10 different body parts
- Customizable intensity levels 0-99, to satisfy your needs
- Convenient, portable and easy to use
- Hands free and convenient
- FDA approved safe
- Reduce muscle tension
- 6 different programs
- 1 year warranty



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The Accusage Professional Muscle Conditioner uses the same Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
technology used by doctors and physical therapists to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles.
The Accusage engages the nerves that surround your muscles, gently and safely contracting and
relaxing the muscles to ease tension, stress, and tightness. The massage-like action increases
blood flow, reducing lactic acid and waste to promote muscle recovery and rejuvenation.
With six different muslce recovery and relaxation programs, and customizable intensity levels of
0-99, this convenient and easy to use device soothes tired, expended muscles in ten different
body parts. It's hands-free and approved safe by the FDA.


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