World's Only Hot & Cold Massager

Percussion Massager Reinvented 

Theralite Warm-Up & Deep Muscle Massage





  • Heat Therapy Head
  • Acupressure Head
  • Acupressure Fingers
  • Massage Ball Head
  • Cold Therapy Head
  • Charging Adapter

5 Unique Massage Heads


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This is the patented cordless Massage gun that combines deep tissue massage, therapeutic red light, heat, and cold to loosen stiff, sore muscles and speed recovery. Its unique thermal massage warm up technology helps prepare muscles prior to exercise or deep tissue massage to prevent injury and allow you to perform at peak levels.


Why should professional athletes be the only ones to receive professional-level massages? 



Prosage system does not guarantee specific results for individuals who use Prosage due to many factors that can influence health & weight loss. Prosage is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition.

This is not a weight loss system. Individuals results may vary. We make no warranties or guarantees that you will lose a specific amount of weight for a particular period of time. No individual results should be considered typical or guaranteed. The results of Prosage may be temporary. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Patent pending.

For orders being shipped outside of the United States of America, please note that all applicable Customs fees and VAT taxes will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. Evertone is not responsible for these kinds of accrued charges.

*Model, design, shape and color may vary

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